Who we are

Minerva Learning Trust is a multi-academy trust and is recognised as one of the largest and highest-performing families of schools in the city of Sheffield.

We believe that schools should enhance the educational provision of an area, especially for the most vulnerable, and that it should make a significant contribution to the community in which they are set. Together, we work hard to ensure that all children within our care have the skills, qualities and experiences they need to be successful and to positively contribute to society.

We welcome new schools to join our Trust from Sheffield and the surrounding region. The proximity of our schools to each other provides huge opportunities for our staff and students to work with and learn from each other. We encourage the sharing and application of best practice, to reduce professional isolation and retain passion and vigour for the profession.

How we operate

Minerva Learning Trust believes in the power of education to transform lives. Our offer is designed to support our schools as they provide the best educational experience for our young people. High-quality school improvement and business services support from our Central Team, alongside a section-leading Continuing Professional Development offer and across Trust collaboration, provides a culture climate and opportunities for all our staff, students and communities to thrive.

We believe that school leaders should be supported to focus on improving the educational provision for our young people. Our Business Support Offer is designed to effectively address the business operations needs of the school with a strategic, carefully planned high-quality, and timely central service provision. This will allow leaders within the school to focus more of their time and energy on school improvement priorities and on securing opportunities and excellence for all our children.

• Estates Management

• Finance

• Governance

• Human Resources

• IT Support

• Legal

• procurement and Projects

Our School Improvement offer aims to support individual schools in response to their requirements and circumstances Trust policies and guiding principles inform approaches that are applied in a way relevant to the school’s context. Leaders from within the Central School Improvement Team, and across our Trust, effectively. This work is supported by regular visits from peers across the Trust as well as external advisors. All support is focused on the school’s priorities and is delivered in a collaborative, developmental and solution-focused way.

• Assessment

• Attendance

• Behaviour and Engagement

• Continuing Professional Development

• Core Teaching and Learning Expectations

• Curriculum

• Early Year

• Inclusion

• Learning Environment