Your Voice Matters: How We Are Moving Forward Using the Results from Our Student and Parent Survey

Minerva Learning Trust is pleased to share the findings and subsequent actions from the surveys conducted through the Edurio online survey platform. This initiative was undertaken to better understand the perspectives of our key stakeholders – staff, pupils, and parents – regarding our work and impact.

Key Findings from Pupil Surveys:

This year, we reached out to our pupils and received an impressive response rate of 65%, with over 3,700 students participating. This robust evidence base provides a clear picture of our pupils’ experiences and opinions. The survey results show that overall, our pupils’ responses are in line with national averages.

 Positive Highlights: 

  • Safeguarding: Pupils expressed high levels of confidence in their safety in and around school, which is an encouraging indicator of our ongoing efforts to provide a secure learning environment.
  • Extracurricular Provision: There was significant positive feedback regarding the extracurricular activities available to students, reflecting our commitment to holistic education.

 Areas for Improvement: 

  • Workload: Students reported feelings of being overworked, indicating a need for us to review and possibly adjust our academic expectations and support mechanisms.
  • Self-Confidence in Independent Work: Many pupils expressed a lack of confidence in working independently, suggesting that further support and resources are needed to build these essential skills.
  • Diversity in Learning: There were concerns about the representation of diverse backgrounds and identities within the curriculum, highlighting an area for us to enhance inclusivity in our educational content.

Key Findings from Parent Surveys 
The parent survey had 890 respondents, representing about 14% of our parent community. While this response rate provides valuable insights, we hope to increase participation in future surveys.

Positive Highlights: 

  • Internet Access: Parents confirmed that pupils generally have good internet access, facilitating smooth online learning experiences.
  • Trust Awareness and Communication: Parents are aware that their child’s school is part of the Minerva Learning Trust and appreciate the communication regarding attendance and punctuality.

 Areas for Improvement: 

  • Understanding Reports: Feedback indicated that parents find academic reports challenging to understand and lacking clear information about their child’s progress.
  • Responsiveness to Feedback: Parents felt that schools do not always respond overtly to the feedback they receive, suggesting a need for more transparent and actionable communication.
  • Trust Benefits: There is a need to better articulate and communicate the benefits of being part of the Minerva Learning Trust to parents.

Actions and Future Plans:

We want to express our sincere thanks to all the students, parents, and staff who took the time to share their feedback. Your input is crucial in helping us shape our strategies and improve our services.
Over the next year, we will thoroughly investigate the issues you raised, plan solutions, and implement changes where possible. We will also conduct another survey next year to keep this important conversation going. Additionally, we’ll keep you updated on how we’ve used your feedback to enhance our educational offerings.

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