How MLT has Enhanced Student Support and Safeguarding Across Schools 

How MLT has Enhanced Student Support and Safeguarding Across Schools  

Minerva Learning Trust is proud to announce the significant initiatives introduced in our schools during the 2023/2024 academic year that are designed to bolster the support and safeguarding of students across our schools. These measures reflect our unwavering commitment to creating a safe, supportive, and enriching educational environment for all students. 

Introduction of Dedicated Counsellors: We are pleased to report that a team of dedicated counsellors is now working across our schools, providing essential mental health and emotional support to our students. This initiative underscores our commitment to student well-being and ensures that our students have access to the necessary resources to thrive academically and personally. 

Expanded Safeguarding Leadership: In addition to the counsellors, we have expanded the capacity and expertise of our Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads (DDSL) in each school. This enhancement ensures robust safeguarding measures are in place, providing a safer learning environment for our students. 

Strengthening Our Central Team: Our Central Team has been strengthened with the addition of a Director of School Improvement-Inclusion and a Safeguarding and Attendance Manager. These key roles are integral in enhancing our ability to support and monitor our schools effectively, ensuring consistent high standards. 

Comprehensive Safeguarding Reviews: We have completed external and internal safeguarding reviews in all our schools. These thorough assessments ensure that our practices meet the highest standards, reinforcing our commitment to student safety and well-being. 

Ongoing Professional Development: We have established a thorough Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program for all staff within the trust. This training has focused on addressing contextual issues specific to Sheffield and involved collaboration with various external agencies. Our staff are now well-prepared to meet the diverse needs of our student body. 

Sexual Health Clinics Training: Furthermore, our staff have been trained to deliver Sexual Health Clinics within our secondary schools. This initiative provides crucial health education and support to our students, promoting informed and healthy lifestyle choices. 

These initiatives collectively demonstrate our commitment to creating a nurturing educational environment where all students can excel academically while feeling safe and secure. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and to providing the best possible support for our students. 

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