11th May 2022

Popular Headteacher Appointed to Sheffield Education Trust

Sheffield-based education trust has appointed a new senior position to help drive improvement across its six schools.

Minerva Learning Trust has appointed Manor CE Academy Headteacher Simon Barber as their first Executive Director of Education. Simon will work closely with the Trust’s CEO, Bev Matthews, to help raise standards and accelerate progress. Simon is the first-ever appointment to this brand-new role.

“I am thrilled to join Minerva Learning Trust; their historical records of school improvement and ambitious strategic aims showcase them as a really innovative Trust.”

Simon will work with the support of an experienced School Improvement Team to usher in some of the improvements planned out in the Trust’s 2025 strategic mission including, quality-assuring each school’s curriculum offer to ensure continuous refinement of a diverse and challenging curriculum.

Mr. Barber has held the helm of headteacher at Manor CE Academy in the west of York since 2016.

During that time the school has demonstrated upwards trends in key stage 4 attainment and progress measures and has achieved a staggering success rate of 97% of students in education or employment within two terms of leaving school.

Simon will continue his successful career and will bring his passion and ambition to Minerva Learning Trust which has over the past 5 years distinctly improved schools and demonstrated stable results in attendance, academic outcomes, and student destinations, despite the disruptive academic year.

“The past 18 months have been tumultuous in the education industry, with many students struggling to return to normality following the disrupted 2020/2021 academic years.” Said Bev Matthews CEO,

she continued “this appointment ensures that there is a dedicated focus and real care for our students. We are heightening our focus here to speed up the improvements that we are currently making, ensuring that we are securing the best possible provision and outcomes for our students.

The Trust already has a Director of Primary Education, Dave Smith, who was appointed earlier in 2022. We look forward to both these new colleagues working together to deliver our education strategy.’’

Mr. Barber will continue in his current role until the end of the academic year and will join Minerva Learning Trust in September.