12th August 2021

Celebrating a Successful Year - Our Academic Results

We are tremendously proud of what our students across Minerva Learning Trust have achieved in their A Level, GCSE and vocational results– and what they have achieved more widely over the last two years. The Education system has not seen this level and challenge and disruption since World War II. Very few of us have gone through such an experience so what they have achieved should not be underestimated, is very much deserved and should be celebrated.

As a Trust we are proud of our results and have enjoyed celebrating them with our students and families this week. We were able to put in place a rigorous and robust assessment and quality assurance process, across all our schools, that ensured this year’s results are both transparent and fair whilst ensuring that our students rightly gained the qualifications they need for the next stage of their journey.

A good education, however, is about more than just results and qualifications. So, this week we also celebrate everything else our students have achieved. Whether that be learning new skills during lockdown, overcoming personal challenges, undertaking personal interest such as sports and arts, developing social skills or gaining additional awards; such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award. We are proud of you all as individuals and hope the values and skills you have learnt throughout your time with us will enable you to follow your dreams.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work, dedication and support of school leaders and staff across our Trust. We have an amazing team of nearly 800 staff who have done all they can to ensure the provision of high-quality education and student support continued, despite the constant setbacks and challenges. What you have achieved and what you have done has been truly amazing – thank you all.

On behalf of Minerva Learning Trust, I would like to take this opportunity to also say thank you to the families that have supported our students. Thank you for becoming teachers overnight during Lockdowns and thank you for your continued support throughout the time your child has been with us.

We wish all of our young people the very best of luck for the future.

Bev Matthews


Minerva Learning Trust