12th July 2021

Stocksbridge High School Reflects on the Passing Academic Year

At the start of the year, Sir David Carter predicted that 2020-21 would be a golden year for school leadership. If anything positive has come of the pandemic in our school, then it is this prediction.

The leadership, creativity, and resilience of colleagues has been incredible and has ensured that students could learn and be supported throughout the year. We are proud of how effectively teachers reorganising curriculum plans and learnt, overnight, how to deliver online lessons and how pastoral staff promoted student engagement and ensured all vulnerable young people were safe and well.

We couldn’t have managed without all our admin and premises staff or the lunchtime supervisors. Through their courage and tenacity, we established a full testing centre with our own trained staff. Our community has recognised and applauded the commitment of all our staff and we have grown closer, strengthening the partnership of the school within the community.

Furthermore, the collaboration and support between leaders and colleagues across our trust has been invaluable, particularly when we faced the toughest of challenges in lockdown.

Covid will cast a long shadow on the learning, development and wellbeing of our school community for a long time after any return to normal. However, the leadership and partnership developed over the last eighteen months leaves us in good place to make a real difference and we fully intend to be a beacon of optimism and ambition for our community.