Tim Rose - Trust Network Manager

Tim RoseTrust Network Manager


What I do:

• Manage and oversee the ICT support team to support the needs of individual schools and the Trust. • Support the development and implementation of the Trust digital strategy • Provide technical expertise and project management advice to support strategic planning and the best use of IT to meet the changing needs and growth of the Trust. • Manage and oversee the development and maintenance of whole school networks. • Responsible for the overseeing of ICT hardware, maintenance and repair and refresh programmes. • Contribute to the development of an effective and customer focused IT service which is characterised by business continuity and high standards of delivery. • Advise leaders and to liaise with the Trust Business Operations Manager on all aspects of ICT purchasing and expenditure across the schools.

I can help with:


I can be contacted on:

trose@minervalearningtrust.co.uk Telephone 07378 257696

I am based at:

Across school sites