Adam Anderson - Trust Business Operations Manager

Adam AndersonTrust Business Operations Manager

I am a Trust Business Manager (TBM) at Minerva Learning Trust responsible for Procurement and Projects. I have 20 years’ experience of working in the education sector as a Business Manager at various secondary schools in Sheffield. During this time, I have worked through the many challenges that schools have had to face including but not exclusively, managing change, financial difficulties, and external scrutiny.

I have worked with all stakeholders involved in the education sector, students, parents, local government, central government, and commercial entities.

Throughout my career I have strived to ensure that the work I do has a positive impact on the students within the schools and although I am not directly delivering teaching to the student, my role is to ensure that the staff and students have the best possible support to enable them to achieve the best possible outcomes. As a public servant we have a responsibility to the public at large to deliver an outstanding service.

What I do:

Provide support to the trust and the schools with projects and procurement development, management and implementation, strategic lead for marketing and communications.

I can help with:

Developing and scoping projects and procurements, developing relevant documentation in line with regulations, legislation and legal requirements, managing projects, evaluating the procurement, CPD and training, coaching and mentoring.

I can be contacted on: or by telephone on 0114 283 8348.

I am based at:

Central Office, Stocksbridge.