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Our 2021 - 2022 ROUTES programme

Minerva Collaborative Learning Alliance proudly presents our brand new ROUTES CPD, a package of personal development opportunities, available to all staff.

In the booklets below, you will find summaries of all the in-house training opportunities, being run by our Trust in the 2021-2022 academic year.

These ROUTES are available colleagues, so that you can build on existing skills or develop new ones, to ensure effectiveness in your role, or grant you access to a new role.

We have designed this CPD package to ensure that all training needs are met and you will find many options available, ranging from basic skills, specialist skills, qualifications, apprenticeships and developmental learning.

Our booklets are tailored to specific job roles in the Trust, so that every vital member of our team can access training relevant to them and their ambitions. So whether you work in leadership, teaching or support, you can find a ROUTE or session relevant to you.

To get started, please select the booklet that is most relevant to your Trust role and apply for sessions you are interested in by following the links within.