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Here at the Trust, we have appointed Members, Directors (Trustees) and Senior staff, who bring great expertise, professional knowledge and a deep commitment, to enhancing success levels, for everyone in the Trust. As we have expanded, we have looked for: schools committed to inclusion, for all pupils, high quality professional development, for all staff, and a belief that by working together we can deliver a higher-quality of education.

The Trust Board aims to support and create strong member schools, led by strong leaders, under the guidance of strong and skilled Local Governing Bodies. Our role, as a Trust Board, is to hold each Local Governing Body accountable for the performance of their school and support the CEO or Senior Trust staff, as they help to raise standards, across all the trust schools. We are totally committed to achieving the highest possible standards, in all our schools, ensuring everyone in our Trust is valued, supported and continues to make a significant contribution to education, across Sheffield and in all our school communities.

Students first, an unrelenting focus on the progress of all students, plus a commitment to shared-working, is at the heart of all we do at the Minerva Learning Trust.

Ed Wydenbach

Chair of the Minerva Learning Trust Board

Trust Governance Arrangements

Members Date of Appointment
Kabier Aslam 5.7.2022
John Bowers 28.6.2017
David Burkinshaw 1.9.2021
Janet Pike 1.9.2023
Sam Twiselton 5.7.2022
Trustees Date of Appointment Appointed By
Genny Bradley 27.2.2018 Member Appointed
Carol Castle 1.9.2023 Member Appointed
Jonathan Crossley-Holland 28.6.2017 Member Appointed
Pepe D'Iasio 22.3.2022 Co-opted Trustee, Member Appointed
John Doyle 22.3.22 Co-opted Trustee, Member Appointed
Roger Salt 1.3.2020 Member Appointed
Nicholas Wood 21.3.2023 Member Appointed
Ed Wydenbach 4.9.2014 Member Appointed

Trustee Meeting Attendance 

Attendance at Local Governing Boards 

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Chapeltown Academy

Ecclesfield School
Handsworth Grange Community Sports College
High Storrs School
Stocksbridge High School
Woodthorpe Primary School